The Survey is set out in four parts, reflecting the four elements of the framework of responsible state behaviour in the use of ICTs:

  • Part I – International law
  • Part II – Norms, rules, and principles for the responsible behaviour of States
  • Part III – Confidence building measures
  • Part IV – Capacity-building

The Survey asks Member States to list measures taken consistent with the recommendations listed in the 2015 GGE report, as well as to identify challenges to implementation and/or specific gaps in capacity limiting implementation.
For context, relevant extracts from the 2015 GGE report, the 2021 OEWG Report, and the 2021 GGE report are included at the beginning of each part, and examples of implementation are also provided. However, it is recommended that the Survey is read alongside those reports in their entirety.

  • Member States are invited to complete the survey at regular intervals, ideally no longer than every 12-24 months.
  • An empty or partially- completed survey can be exported in PDF to facilitate internal coordination.
  • Previous fully- or partially- completed surveys can be accessed and edited accordingly from the link received on the submitted email address.
  • There are no mandatory questions, leaving Member States full control over which sections to fill in.
  • The Survey includes both single and multiple select questions, with clear instructions marked as appropriate.
  • Member States will be able to choose if information on national point(s) of contact will be included in the overall Survey response or saved separately. The difference between these options is further explained in the relevant section of the Survey.
  • None of the information provided through the web interface will be automatically saved or used by UNIDIR or be visible to others.
  • Member States willing to make their responses publicly available on UNIDIR’s Cyber Policy Portal are invited to send by email the final PDF to . More information on the submission process is available at the end of the Survey. UNIDIR will not edit or otherwise modify submissions by Member States before public release.

Please note that the submission of the completed Survey to UNIDIR for publication on the Cyber Policy Portal does not replace formal national submissions informing the Secretary General of their views and assessments on developments in the field of ICTs in the context of international security.

Note: The Survey may be expanded or updated in the event that the UNGA, by consensus, endorses and calls on Member States to implement the recommendations of a report of the OEWG, GGE or other UN mechanism or body mandated to study existing and potential threats in the sphere of information security and possible cooperative measures to address them.